Help - When exported, images appear very blurry! Picture attached

I deselected "optimize in export" from resources button, and the results are that it is now not blurry in preview, but when exported it looks even more blurry.

The images that are coming out blurry are high res - 1000x900 PNGs and similar.

I've looked through previous threads and can't find a solution that works, please share your knowledge!! Thank you so much.

Uploaded to server here - ZIP file is too large to upload...

I'm not sure I see this problem; it would be useful to further debug if you can provide the following info:

  • A zip of your .hype document
  • What OS and version you are running
  • What browser and version you are running
  • What your screen (or window) dimensions/resolution are, and if retina or not (if on windows, please let me know the scale factor

And to confirm, this is when you load the page and click the arrow twice, in that initial animation?