Help to create a page turn animation

I want to create a page turn animation for a tablet magazine so when the user swipes to the next/previous article it appears as though they are turning the page over. I’ve created a similar effect in InDesign using Flash. If anyone knows how to do it with HTML that’d be great. Much appreciated. Thanks.

I would assume that it is easier to do this kind of animation with an external javascript. I recommend that has a great manual on how to set it up. You need to download jquery and the javascript from turnjs, then import it to your hype resourcefolder and double check that it is added to the html head in your document.
Let me know if you have problems.

I asked the same question before and Daniel told me to export every single scenes seperately and edit turnjs html.
I am not a java expert so i could not move on.
Plz update if you make it possible. Thanx.