Help rename HyperEdit!

As many of you know, Tumult has another app called HyperEdit. This was created back in 2003 and is a HTML/PHP code editor that previews live as you type. There’s a not insignificant amount of HyperEdit code in Hype.

But what’s that you say, the name sounds a lot like Hype? Why yes it does, which is why for the next version we plan to rename it. I’m running a little poll on Twitter and would love if you could cast a vote:



I like you! So, I’m going to share a secret. Years ago I was thinking of creating a similar app. I had a great name, but the app didn’t live up to the name. Also, now that HyperEdit is coming back, I don’t feel like competing with Tumult… and I’m WAY too busy for another project.

So, following this message, I’ll send you that name.
(I think it’s better than the eight you posted on Twitter.)

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Is it possible to have it also edit Python…?

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You can actually change the “Path to PHP binary” from /usr/bin/php to /usr/bin/python and execute python code live :smiley:. I would need to add syntax highlighting for python; I’m not sure if the current highlighter can handle all of python’s syntax but it probably could do most.

This won’t be in the next release, but I always did want it to be a bit more generic of a code runner to be able to do other languages, especially markdown.

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That is cool.
I assume that means you can then also point either to a different version than the Macs running version if need be.

Oohh. Markdown
Yes very please👍

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Just so everyone knows, the name I suggested was…


…it stands for Awesome Web Environment. You pronounce it like you’re a character in Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja.

Aaaaaawwwwwwwweee… the title screen would be a burning fist, ignited by many ones and zeros. It could even play the sound on startup… aaawwwwweeee… gets you psyched for coding.

Sadly, @jonathan declined such awesomeness. Now, A.W.E. is a possible future project for Photics. It’s still not too late though. :smile:

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Since I don’t have a Twitter account I’ll do my suggestion here.
(Hype) Scriptor.


FYI the final name ended up being Whisk! Everyone is welcome to sign up for the beta here:



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