Help needed - reverse previous timeline

I wish a setup, where the user can click an active arbitrary object (1) hiding a current element and (2) displaying a new one. I’ve seen several treads related (ie. Timelines and Previous …) but don’t see how to apply them to my own issue:


This needs a kind of “general reverse previous element timeline”- function/command.

I wonder if this is a matter of using Behaviours (yet appears only to apply to given uniquely named timelines) or javascript. I’ve not so familiar with either, so any help is highly appreciated.

As demonstration I submit a “sketch” containing the elements timeline-wise" and with two elements only. Thus trying the same approach to many more elements would be harrowing.

Do any know of a better way to approach this?

Kind regards,
Mikael (66.4 KB)

this is how I do it most of the time. If you don’t have too many possibilities it works smoothly. (65.8 KB)

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Very nice! Thanks for your suggestion. Using the display option as a switch (and the time position) is a good idea – I’ll go test it in my setup.
Kind regards, Mikael

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