Help (Menu - Simple Question)

(Eduardo Boyadjian) #1

Hi All,
Im trying to make something simple that im breaking my head to do it. I just want a menu as im showing down here:

  • Home Page
  • Categories (on mouse hover, change button color and expand a sub menu with 3 options)
  • Cat 1 (with [categories] color changed, on mouse hover this menu changes it color too)
  • Cat 2 (same as [cat 1])
  • Cat 3 (same as [cat 1])

The way im doing when I change the cursor from Categories to submenu [cat 1, 2 or 3] it desapear because I mouse hovered out… You’re understanding?

As example I can give you a page: and check it menu on the top of the page [g1, globoesporte] its like that i’m trying. In attachment follows my tumult Hype.doc (807.2 KB)

(Eduardo Boyadjian) #2

Any help? Still with the same issue :frowning:

(Mark Hunte) #3

I think Side menus are a little harder to do that a top drop menu.

Mainly because of the zones you need to move the mouse to get an action fired. The drop down menus can use a group that you will only ever cover when you need to. But a side one makes that harder.

This example users your time line to jump to different time frames that set the patten of the sub menu positions.

Each main menu item only users the mouse over action to jump to a time in the timeline for the sub menu positions that relate to it.

The Sub menus group or symbol will use the on mouse out action to jump to the timeline 00:00 time. (reset)

But this does not help if you mouse back from a Sub menus group to the main menu item that sprouted it.

As as mentioned above the main menus do not have a mouse out so for example:

[Quadro de Horarios] :arrow_right:︎ [ SUB MENUS]


[Quadro de Horarios] :arrow_left:︎[ SUB MENUS]


[Quadro de Horarios] – [ SUB MENUS]


[ site ]


[ site ] :arrow_left:︎ [Quadro de Horarios] – [ SUB MENUS]

Will leave the [ SUB MENUS] still visible.

So my simple idea is to place some rects around the main menus top, left side and bottom that have the mouse out action to jump to the timeline 00:00 time. (reset).

The example attached shows that. The Rects have a border so you can see them but you would normal make them completely hidden.

I am sure there is a better way of doing this but this way is one idea

Also note that you should always use an animation path to slide your items onto and off the scene.
Just using Opaque will not disable the item and all its actions are still accessible by the user. i.e mouse over… (802.1 KB)

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #4

I wanted to highlight that … I ran into the same thing a few years ago trying to inactivate a series of buttons using transparency. Didn’t work; I needed to remove them from the scene entirely.