Help for effect to work to the next scene

Good afternoon, we just finished the dynamics for our app ( and I ask for your support in order to improve and polish the application to take it to excellence. I am a person with a disability and children with disabilities deserve quality things, as Hype Tumult offers.

In this adaptation that I made of a template from this group, can you help me so that the same effect works in the following scenes? because I copied it and it no longer works.

I will greatly appreciate it.

God bless you.!

coloreando (764.8 KB)

In the resetClassGalleryContainer() function, you have a syntax error with the comma:

$('#galleryContainer').css({'overflow', 'hidden'});

It should be:

$('#galleryContainer').css({'overflow' : 'hidden'});

However, the bigger problem is that I don't see an element with a galleryContainer Unique Element ID. It could be that this was lost in the copy depending on how you made this document.

It sounds like you want to use multiple scenes. Note that a Unique Element ID needs to be unique for an entire document, not just a scene. So if you have two scenes with the same ID, this will not work. Instead, you can assign a class name and look up the element that way, restricting to the scene element. Here's a sample of how that lookup would be:

var sceneElement = document.getElementById(hypeDocument.currentSceneId()); // first get the scene element, which we will use to restrict a scope
var matchingElements = sceneElement.getElementsByClassName("myClassName"); // look up anything with a specific class name, scoped to the scene element. this will return a list
var myElement = matchingElements[0]; // first element

Then you can use myElement for whatever purpose you want.

Thank you very much Jonathan, for your support and advice.
I know I give a lot of trouble, but you will see that it will be a worthy product that represents Hype Tumult changing the lives of children with intellectual disabilities.

I hug you.

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