Help Creating HTML5 Display Banners for

Hey everyone! I have been reading this forum for a while and it has helped educate me on how to use Hype to build all kinds of creative. Recently I have come across a little bit of a wall. I am trying to build out HTML5 Banners for a Ad Platform called Choozle. I built out the banners and exported them exactly to Choozle’s specs, including putting their click tag and macro/handler in the header portion and for some reason they are telling me the coding in the file is preventing a call back so the file wont display and that there are some security issues that maybe coming from Hype. Has anyone had experience with this with other Ad platforms?

Their website is

Were you able to find a solution to this? We haven’t had specific experience with Choozle, but I’m always happy to get in contact with their engineers and figure out what they might need to get it to work. Hype’s output should be compatible with all ad platforms, and if there’s an issue we’re interested in fixing it.