Help-Cant adjust points... File attached

Hi everyone, I am trying to adjust my path morphs as they kind of went of course from the logo below. I cant seem to grab and adjust the points. Am I just going about this the wrong way? I have attached the file if anyone wants to see what this problem could be. Any help greatly appreciated.


Shape (31.3 KB)

Just taking a quick look, and found that when I double-click the path to go into edit mode, it allows me to do so but I have choose to enter record mode. then I am able to move the points and select them easily. I hope this helps... I am using Hype 4 pro 4.0.6

Thanks for checking that for me! I am on 4.0.7 hope thats not the issue.

Well, I deleted Hype, re-installed and this is still not working for me... I wonder what kind of workaround I need to do? I wonder if installing an earlier version would do it?

OK - so it seems it is working with the shapes on the left, but the ones on the right that I mirrored with a -100 are the problem. I guess I'll just start over and rebuild without duplicating and flipping.

This does appear to be a bug with negative scales; I'm actually a bit surprised it does not work. I've filed it as a bug.

While for a variety of performance/rendering reasons I generally recommend not using transforms unless absolutely necessary (and instead just make a new vector), you could do a 180° Y rotation and that will appear to work correctly.

Oh, good idea Jonathon, if it works thats all I care about. However I have since just rebuilt it since it was easy enough. The snapping helped with making sure everything was perfect from left to the right side! Love Hype - keep up the good work.


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I'm glad you were able to build it without too much trouble! Thanks for reporting this issue and always let me know if you hit anything else :slight_smile:.