HELP! Blank gap below responsive text depending on browser width

I’m having issues with the responsive text option and I’ll be glad if someone could give me some help. Let me briefly explain what’s going on:

I have a scene with 2 layouts, one 320px to 650px for mobiles and another 650px to 1500px for desktop.

In this scene I have a long responsive text, so whenever I’m in the browser changing the window width the text transforms like a charm.

However, as I’ve set the height to be 14420px for mobile and 6500x for desktop, whenever I play with the width of my browser window, I end up with a huge blank space below my text or I get my text cut in half, because as the text rearranges itself, sometimes it get shorter or longer than my defined height.

I’ve tried creating multiple layouts to solve this, but as I have multiple scenes with texts that have to be changed constantly on my project, it’s gonna take too long to setup them all.

I was wondering if there was an easier way of getting the height to be responsive as well; so whenever the text grows or shrinks the height would grow or shrink together.

Can someone help me PLEASE? :cold_sweat:

Well, I usually just use an auto scrollbar. Is that too simple of a solution for this problem?

It you post a zip of your .hype document (and perhaps the .html files if you do anything outside of Hype) we could take a closer look to see what is happening.