Help! Animation keeps restarting itself about 2 seconds in!?!

Can’t figure it out for the life of me and I need to fix it asap, please help - I don’t understand why the animation glitches out and restarts? The ball will start to move and then reset itself back to the beginning point. >>

Please please help! thanks in advance!

Can you share your document?

Yes, how? I put all of the assets in a dropbox if that helps - thank you so much for looking into it!

Note: Client says she is having the “restart/glitch issue” when browsing in Chrome on a Windows computer.

It looks like you need the update. Select Hype > Check for Updates or update from the Mac App store in the ‘Updates’ tab. When you re-export it should be fixed.

My animation previews ok but when live, it starts twice… 2 seconds into the initial play, it starts over. I can’t figure out the cause. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you make sure you have the 3.5 update? If you do, can you submit a bug using Hype > Report an Issue? (Make sure you include your document also)

Yes I’m using the latest version. Is there a link for reporting an issue? The animation files are large.

Any suggestions on why the animation restarts in the first couple seconds… it doesn’t show when played in Hype?

You are not using the latest version. The build number of your document is 466. The latest build is 518. Can you double check that you have exported from the version 3.5?

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Combined these two threads because they are the same issue.

THANK YOU! It was as simple as updating the Hype app. Thank you again

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Sorry, I’ve been trying to fix it and found after uploading the latest version… it only shows a blank page so I reverted to an older backup version. I’m ready to give up on it as I have to release it even with the restart issue.

Here is the latest version:


Can you just use the HTML that Hype exports? There’s something weird going on with the HTML on that page.

Select File > Export as HTML5 > Folder, and save it as Holiday_card4.html – then upload everything to the same folder.

I’m good man. I just had to update as you directed me to. Thanks!

Ok, I’ve uploaded it but now elements are out of position, even though they look fine in Hype. They view out of position in Hype browser preview too. I haven’t made any changes to the position of the elements before uploading.

I’ve been flagged as spam! I presume it was because of the link to the webpage? You can view it as per what you requested…

I sent you a private message.