Heaving Audio While Animating

I've been using Hype for a while and I've read the documentation on inserting audio into a project, but still a little confused (Guess I'm just used to how Flash worked). Anyway, I'm working on a project that I plan to export as movie (no plans to export as HTML) and I want the audio to play while I animate some elements on the stage. I added the mp3 file and I extended the timeframe to the length of the audio (32 seconds), but the audio won't play while I animate. Is there a way to make this happen?

Appreciate your help,


Hype does not Audio with Videoexport. You'll need to add audio with other tools afterwards ...

Darn. Okay, so I'll use a video editing tool to create the final project. Disappointing though. Guess I'm still struggling a bit to make the changeover from Flash to Hype.