Having problems when i load a youtube iframe

Hello I am creating a site where you login and access many videos, by doing actions and going forward and back.
I have embedded a video by using youtube iframe api. This works fine when I see it from chrome. But when I see it from ie(11 and 12), it works fine when i go from page 1 -> page 2 (youtube video page) it works okay. But after I go to another page (back or forth) and go back to page 2, the video does not work at all.

I’ve put a youtube iframe javascript when the scene loads, and made the video stop when the scene unloads.

It works perfectly fine on chrome, safari, but the issues occur only on ie.

I have uploaded a sample page, and a sample youtube on the hype.

Please give me any opinion possible.

Thank you everyone for your excellent program.

youtube_iframe_problem.zip (2.1 MB)