Having an Object Tag Another's Movement Pattern

Hello everyone. New to all this, so please bear with me :slight_smile:
I’m working on a project in hype, involving a rocket, and a flame. My issue is that I’d like the flame to follow the moment pattern of the rocket EXACTLY, but I’d also like the flame to appear and disappear at times. A repeated pattern I should say. Anyone know how I can do this? Sorry if I’m not being clear, and thank you for your help.

Can you post an example off what you have


How and what should I share mate?

Your Hype document showing what you’ve tried so far?

The basic workflow for this would be to record the movements of both the rocket and flame, and then create opacity animations after you get the initial movements recorded. When you have an example, you can add it to a zip file and then drag that into your post when writing on the forums.

Actually, found it out. Used the Opacity properties in my timelines, and set the timelines to coordinate the movement of both. Thanks for the help! @MarkHunte Thanks as well!

And I’ll also remember how to upload my file for next time!