Have Text Shrink at Specific px Width


I am brand new to Hype and I am trying to make an interactive quiz to be responsive without layouts. I have figured out the beginning page and MOST of the elements in my first quiz question, but the text is giving me issues.

I want the text to stay large until it reaches about 540px and then start to shrink like the text does with the shrink to fit with zoom contents selected.

I have seen a couple of posts on here that are saying add inner html, but I don’t know a lot of code. I would be down for using inner html if I understood how to type it out. Is there anyone that knows how to fix this issue within Hype or anyone that knows what inner html code to use?

IDO_Attempt_2_HTMLEdits.hype.zip (241.6 KB)

Media Queries would be one way…

Theoretically, you could chuck some CSS in the HTML Head with style tags. (CSS files can also be added to a Hype project if you wanted to do it proper.) You could also use JavaScript to change font sizes. An onresize event could be a way to go.

I’m using an iPad right now, so no Hype to test it out. :man_shrugging:t2:

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