Has Export Script changed for DoubleClick Studio?


I created a display ad for Google DoubleClick Studio today and noticed that there was a change to the export - it was missing the following essential code:

< meta name=“ad.size” content=“width=300,height=250” >

< script src=“https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/Enabler.js”>

These are required by Studio and were previously included in the 'Advanced Export > Doubleclick Studio ’ export process - has the export script changed?

Do we need to manually add these ourselves into the Head now?

It’s still there: https://github.com/tumult/hype-export-scripts/blob/master/DoubleClickStudio/DoubleClick%20Studio.hype-export.py#L28

Can you make sure you have the latest version? I just did a test and it exported with that code.

Did it produce a zip? Export Scripts can be a bit silent if they aren’t run or have an error, so if there was no zip file that’s an indication either it wasn’t exported correctly with the script (I’d check each advanced export slice and make sure the script is used) or there was something that went wrong.

I’ve updated my export script file and its still not exporting correctly.

I’ve attached the original test Hype file, along withe export script Im using and 2 exports - one ‘Advanced Export > Doubleclick studio’, the other 'Export as HTML > Doubleclick studio '.

Archive.zip (108.4 KB)
They both do not seem to be working… any ideas?

EDIT: okay so I just created a new blank file and that correctly exports the DoubleClick Studio script so it must be my file ( the one above ) thats corrupted or creating an error when exporting!

Can you provide a zip of the .hype file used to generate this?

From the archive you did provide, it looks like the actual doubleclick zips aren’t being made correctly (as they are just folders).