Has anyone created a working clock, watchface in hype?

Stupid Question:
I was working on a concept for client using a clockface… is there any javascript and or basic code to get the clock acting like a clock?

forumsearch? well just a hint :wink:

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I think you can get a prescription, if you are allergic to the search function :smiley:

There are a few attempts and examples of clocks here on the forums. :wink:


Just in case you can’t stretch up top :stuck_out_tongue:

If you share something you’ve done also that would help with answers specific to your situation.


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here you can find something made by @h_classen

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Thanks for the quick response gentlemen… I did try the search first and got no results… but I credit that to operator error.

Will share the results with the forum when and if I can get it to do the mojo I am working on…

Assuming that anyone under the age of twenty knows how to read an analogue clock these days.

uni-watch B.hype.zip (471.3 KB)

Okay, here is the first attempt using the der watch code from hansgerd, thanks forum. I do have a question however…
There is a simple origin “bounce” applied to the body of the character, it is not working. I want it in the layer order set up in the Symbol set up, but it is not moving.
Is this because it is in a symbol? or what?

Thanks again for answering stupid questions.

I created a working clock in A Book About Hype. It actually displays the current time – IN THE BOOK ITSELF!

I used the Hype API to make the clock hands move like they’re ticking. They don’t bounce though. That’s not an option in the “set” “optionalTimingFunctionName” API.

hypeDocument.setElementProperty(element, propertyName, value, optionalDuration, optionalTimingFunctionName)

Maybe the Apple Watch will help make that skill more common :smile:

uni-watch Bounce.hype.zip (472.0 KB)

This is so true, I had my nephew ask me what that was; pointing at my car’s analogue clock on the consol!. Then struggle to work out how to use it once we explained what it was and how it worked. He’s 14.:open_mouth:

Could be worse… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_clock :smile:


I have this model, vefy fun


Hans-Gerd Claßen,

Thanks for the fix, could you 'splain what change you made please. I would like to make sure this is a learning moment rather than a quick fix.


Pretty cool. But I think I would have melted his brain mentioning sexagesimal time which may have been misconstrued.

really cool! the binary clock

onsymbolload start the maintimeline


My daughter is 21 and still doesn’t get it.

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