Hardware Configuration Tool Made With Hype

Here’s another recent project. This is a configuration tool for a manufacturer of cash machine hardware. The hardware can be configured in over 500,000 different ways; this tool helps a customer decide which components they want and ensures hardware compatibility. At the end of the tool you can save your configuration to a PDF file and/or email it. All done with Hype and JavaScript.


I appreciate any feedback. - John

Hi John,

I like it, really cool.

It is all a little small though. I think you can make it bigger. This may give you room to move the more info so it does not cover up the Images. Especially when you go to a next step leaving it open

For the left selection on the Start Page

In Step 2. you can select a Pedestal .
In Step 3 you can select more Pedestals.

In Step 4 - Side Vault. Which cannot be configured with a Pedestals.

I would put a remove button in Step 4 for Pedestals. This saves someone having to go all the way back to step 2.

Good observations, Mark. I wanted very much to make it larger and more responsive but the requirements from the client were to fit on a 1024 x 768 tablet, and at a fixed size. The ability to add a “remove” feature is a good idea. There are some steps parts of the configuration that are required in a certain order - if the user removes a pedestal, they have to then select at least one bottom vault, which is step 2. However, it’s something I’ll look at if the client wants a “version 2.0,” so thanks for the suggestion.

The link seems to be broken. Is there a current version of this online anywhere?


The link above is no longer active (we updated our site and moved stuff). Use this link below to see the Configuration Tool:


Nice, very logical flow. No “artificial creativity” to mess things up!

Thanks, Ken. For this client, a minimal interface worked best. Interestingly, we got feedback from one group that we should add lifestyle images to “make it fun.” In my opinion, it’s a business-to-business tool and as such is meant to be uncluttered and fast to use. If it were a consumer product, then “fun” might have been appropriate. Appreciate the feedback.