Happy Birthday, Tumult Forums!


I’m happy to announce that we have a birthday today:

Today the Tumult Forums are a year young!

Thanks to everyone for making this a supportive, positive, place!

(Mark Hunte) #2

Really enjoy this forum. So Happy Birthday and thank you guys at Tumult for giving us some where to share and help with your great App.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #4

Hallo Daniel,

happy birthday! Better late then never :wink:

The ‘new’ forumsoftware has been a really good choice.
Also it’s great that the hypeteam (especially you indeed :wink: ) takes the chance of participation.
Guess it’s a winwin for users and hype :slight_smile:

(kerguelen) #5

Happy Bthday !


Happy belated Birthday!! :smile: