Hand symbol doesn't appears

Hi, the hand symbol doesn't appears if I go to a hot spot on my side. Safari 16.3 Thanks.

We're not aware of any issues with the cursor property in Safari 16.3.

Can you please provide a zip of your .hype document and also let us know which element is experience the issue along with any steps to get to that element/see it in action? Thanks!

file deleted
Not totally sure, what your issue is, but i guess it's sthg. around the draganddropenabler ... :slight_smile: does the attached file fix your prob¿

and yes, now it works. Thanks. :grinning:
What was the reason?

My second issue is that the mouse hand symbol doesn’t appear when you touch the clickable area (at the browser).

The hand symbol flashes only very briefly and then you see the arrow again.
I do not know what it is.

Does the hand symbol appear on your screen?

Hi Hans @h_classen ,

thank you for your great support. The DragandDrop function works.
I have another question about this: How can I easily add a reset function (clear or play again) for the DragandDrop?

And the other issue of my hand symbol (it doesn't appears at safari) by clicking active area or a button the is still there.

btw. Could you please delete the .hype data here in the post? I've answered via mail with my hype-example and had not uploaded it here. It should not be public at all, sorry.

If everything works, I will report on the solution :blush:

I have another question about this: How can I easily add a reset function (clear or play again) for the DragandDrop?

simply configure a timeline that resets the elements you like to replace. play it for example when pressing the closebuttonn.

i don't know exactly what you mean ... you can set cursor symbols within Hype though ...

you did not connect the JS-file ... though you tried and the data-attribute-setup was not what the script expected ...

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Thanks. That was very helpfully. :grinning:

Symbol: Yes, you can change the cursor icons or leave them in automatic mode.
But the icon appears only for a short time when you reach the button or the active area.
It seems to be displayed only briefly at the edge of the active area.
Otherwise, the default cursor icon (arrow) remains.

But it seams it's an issue by safari. The hand symbol appears at google Chrome.

I've found the solution. It's hard to believe, but the problem is Photoshop (or/and my three displays).


Wow, good (albeit bad!) find as to the cause.

I’ve had this happen on more than a few occasions, have you restarted your Mac? if not give it a go, it might just fix the issue. That said, from my point of view and this is only a guess, it’s on a system level macOS craps out along with safari. I think it might just stem from Hype because when you’re working in hype the canvas is a some type of Safari and it bugs out at a random.

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