Guacamole - A simple one button game (fixed bug)

Can you imagine a "Whack a Mole" game that can be played with a single button?

This is "Guacamole", another new one button game for my one click site, the only site that can be navigated with a single button.


The idea behind this game was to make a shooting gallery with a single button, bad guys coming out from so many places in a busy street, but I prefer to start with a cute topic before the violence, lol.

I've been testing my games and site in a foundation for children with cerebral palsy and it has been a complete success.

I hope you like this new game. :partying_face:


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I always get redirected to the menu… can't play it in my browser … Arc.

Wow, thanks!

Now the game works fine.


Oh my goodness, this game is both challenging and frustrating when I hit the bomb :rofl:. There's really a few mental dynamics going on that make this so much fun to play!!

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