Grouped Hidden Picture Moves?

A Little help here, Why is the image inside the group animating? I just want group or mask to animate.

Heres the file.
Animation (365.1 KB)

A group is a container - where the container goes so go the contents unless directed otherwise. To give the illusion of being stationary move the content(s) in the opposite vector direction from the container.

Attached is the general idea~method: Animation (370.8 KB)

Hi Jim, thanks for looking into this but logically speaking this is still a bug.

Here’s why, while you’ve solved the problem by animating the contents being an image within the group this is just a workaround. You said, "Where the container goes so go the contents unless directed otherwise directed?"LMAO, Shouldn’t be up to me to decide as the user? I’m telling the program just do this it does something else in conjunction with what I told it to do - why? Also how did you do this I tried to make the image stationary and everytime I tried no success.

I think what you did was, you copied the motion path tween that was created for the group by the program for the image lol. Devs need to look into this and give the user the option of not animating.

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