Group - Content overflow - Scrollbars - Load from bottom

Hi Forum,

This is my first post/topic. I’m newbie on Hype.
I’d like to know how to solve this:

  • I have a group with content overflow that I’d like to hidden with the option “scrollbars”
  • the problem is that the overflow content is on group top (outside the scene) and I’d like to scroll the content from bottom (on middle of page) to top (outside).
    I know how to work in a normal way (scrolling from top to bottom, when the top is inside the scene), but I don’t found a solution for this example.
    Any help?

Having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to do – can you post an example document please? (Create a zip file and drag into your reply window)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.
On the example attached you find two groups: Group_A (with the example I’d like to solve) and Group_B (the normal group with scrollbars, from top to bottom). (2.8 MB)

Put simply: the left and top positions are “absolute”, so if hidden (on the left or top), the scrolling function does not consider this overflow (negative values). Right?

Correct, groups with overflow with a scrollbars setting still start at 0,0 so you can’t place an item at negative coordinates and have it scroll to it. The workaround would be to have some javascript (probably in an On Scene Load handler) get the group element and manipulate the scrollTop and scrollLeft variables to scroll to your desired starting position.

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You have to know the height of the content. If you put all pictures in a group you can use a script to determine the height of the content and use that to set a scrollTop. I’ve updated your Example with this (using classnames so you have one script to rule all div’s that need to scroll to bottom). EXAMPLE (2.8 MB)

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Sorry for late reply.
Thank you, I’ll explore your suggestions, particularly René’s script.
“Code” is not my field but with simple steps… :slight_smile: