Grey Screen on Shift Select

I'm wondering if there is a bug in Hype or am I doing something wrong. When I shift select a few elements like rectangles etc, the whole scene goes grey so you can't see what you are doing. You then have to double click on a scene to see the rectangles again. Does anyone else have these issues?


Happens to me to all the time. I once wrote a snippet that would constantly deselect, but that made Hype crash sometimes. My latest solution is…

	#HypeSceneEditor ::selection {
		background: transparent;
	#HypeSceneEditor innerhtmldiv::selection {
		background: #AACAF2;

This CSS can be removed in production, but if you forget about it… it is also not that bad because it is "gated" by the selector #HypeSceneEditor mostly only present during editing.

If you want to apply it to Hype without having it in your Head HTML you could do this:

  1. Find the Hype application in your application folder
  2. "Right Click" and select "view package"
  3. Navigate to the "Resources" folder and edit "SceneTemplate.html"

Duplicate "SceneTemplate.html" before editing it, so you can restore it if needed. This "hack" will be overwritten when Hype updates and would need to be reapplied if not fixed by Tumult.

Oh thanks for that MaxZieb, I'll give that a go. Can we assume that this is a bug in Hype?

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Yes, a long-standing one if I am not mistaken. Often proclaimed fixed, but it keeps reappearing :wink: Hype uses an user-select: none; but that doesn't seem to cut it in all cases.

Correct, this is an unfortunate longstanding bug. It is on our list to fix. Sorry :sweat:.


That's good to know. Thanks Jonathan. It's a great App, supported by a very helpful community of support technicians and users. I'm only a week in using it, but I'm here to stay!!

Thanks all

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Jonathan, this grey box issue is driving me mad. Can a bug fix not be released before a main update to the App?

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I'll see what I can do... last time I looked I remember there was a lot of risk associated with this change since it can adversely affect text editing (which requires a selection). We're working on a 4.1.6 release now so I'll spend a bit with it and see what's feasible -- no promises :slight_smile:.

ok, thanks Jonathan, good luck, and here's hoping!!

Do you have a document that can reliably reproduce this along with the steps you are using and a screencast showing how to do it?

I do have a bit of a hacky fix that I'm testing, but a few of the examples I collected in the past I've had trouble reproducing, so I'd like to get another case to make sure it is a good solution.

Also please let me know if you'd like to join the beta program to test out the fix ahead of release. Thanks!

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Hey @jonathan, it seems to mostly happen when it's a heavy file, there are elements within groups, and when rulers are on the page. When I remove the rulers it seems to happen less often. Here's a quick screencast of it happening on my side This is just a basic example and the grey only kicks in when I exit the group or symbol, but I've had instances where it gets worse as I go deeper into the group. I can unfortunately not share the document as it contains sensitive information.

Thanks Lud, apologies for this but we took the conversation offline to email due to me having the same issues as you, ie not being able to upload files online.

I agree with everything you said, we had the same problems with busy docs with multiple groups etc.

Tumult have now released a beta version to beta testers that looks as though it has fixed the problem.

Ah, no that's awesome @Digi ! Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad that they're zeroing in on this bug. My team will be so happy about this :smiley::pray:

Did you actually try the fix found here by applying it here?

It's actually such a nice fix @MaxZieb , but I haven't tried it yet. Generally speaking, we won't be able to implement this fix as we're not really able to access our applications folder because of company security policies. But I think we'll definitely try it in the HTML head when "the grey" gets too crazy. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your notes on this. There is a possible fix in the latest beta that I'd definitely like to have tested out. Just DM me to let me know you'd like to join the program to try it out and I can add you. Thanks!

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It works a treat guys. Get on that beta program asap!!!