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I looked at the design and don’t see what or why this would need GSAP and Hype. With Hype you can at least focus on design (positioning, layering) and timing (complex interactions and sequence layering) more and quicker… my opinion.


Live text (web fonts) scaling is on some browsers still far from smooth,
it looks sometimes more like ride on a bumpy road. Checking / unchecking WebKit graphics acceleration or CSS left/top didn’t help.
Converting text to bitmap or vector format is a popular feature request for Hype.

It would eliminate the round-trip to a 3rd party vector editing software.
When converted to image, ‘text’ scales smoothly on all browsers.

Apropos vector line draw: GSAP lets you animate the line draw from any arbitrary point in any direction.
Stagger parameter in GSAP is really powerful and has unparalleled ease of use / super quick tweaking. Would love to have this natively in Hype.

Chrome text scaling jitters as it re-renders
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It looks like this is a chrome-specific rendering issue; I’ve moved discussion to this topic.