GreenSock with hype

I don’t understand…

IT is working now(only the timing isn’t working well)

Where is the payment?

When i use iT online? I get a costs from greensock? Or does hype have to do a pay?

Would be very sad, iT makes the animation more smoother and quicker.

From what I read before when a question was ask here before my understanding was TweenMax was not part of the free standard and not free…

Okay i’ve asked it in the greensock forum

It seams to boil down to recurring fees for the product. If you don’t charge the end user for the product (free game, ads etc.) you can use it license free but are missing out on some plugins (SVG etc.). But TweenMax should be in the bundle.

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My Bad.

As Mark has said, I believe that a while ago when GSAP appeared on this forum (and we’re talking 2016/2017) it wasn’t free for most of the “plugins” and difficult to share because of the licensing issues.

So, they must have changed their model and @cartimundi I take back what I said about “a paid for service” but I would be careful with the licensing.

Also, valid points on the virtual DOM which could also be an issue down the road.

A common thing here is to share a document you’re working on or a replica that has the issue (if info is sensitive) so that we can see what troubles you.

As mentioned before … perhaps the problem lies in how you’re adding the code to your document. If you’re running the code you posted in one action then it will run together at the same time. You may need to run your code in separate actions to get what you want.

Timeline action … Mouse Click … etc

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the animation works now…
i will use it for banner advertising…so i will not charge the end user :wink:
i like the way of animate like this, quicker no keyframes/capo…and easier to change…

i will try to upload this to GDN…and hope it will accept

From your screenshot it’s not clear to me why you need an external animation engine at all as setElementProperty would suffice. The shortcoming might be delay but that could be done with a timeout. Also if you want to stay with GSAP then you might look at using TweenLite instead. Your certainly got a lot of overhead in using TweenMax and Hype and neglecting the built in engine and extra capabilities like timeline etc. If you are such a fan of GSAP look for the spirit plugin that might be better for you …

Thanks, i Will watch it.

Ps. The answer of greensock only pay when you charge users of when you use exclusive plug-ins

Spirit app cost 12$ each month

For that matter, I’m curious why you don’t just use Hype’s visual animation system? It looks like you may be wanting to run animations on a specific action; for this you can use an alternate timeline.

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I think the Animations with GreenSock are smoother/quicker…but Maybe i aint doing iT right

Animations with timeline are also more work to change, with GreenSock code is it fast and easy

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I depends if your more a visual person or not. Tweaking keyframes is pretty neat. If your anyways online after GSAP and code then I don’t get why your using Hype in the first place. Only placement and scenes? That is totally fine but in the ad business it’s all about the foot print and using to many libs takes away from assets. Not in all cases as sometimes GSAP is not counted against size .True is that the Hype Animation API is locked to Hype managed objects and has major shortcomings in scope and callbacks. But for most things it’s just fine given you make Hype-World your home!

Hype is just as good as GSAP though I can see how you think GSAP animations tend to be bit smoother and they are, the one thing I noticed that if you master easing options in Hype you can actually emulate the level of smoothness found in GSAP. In addition, if you disable positioning with CSS your animations will run smoother.

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You're welcome to send examples of where this is the case and we can look into it. (Feel free to email and we can keep documents confidential). If you have reproducible cases please let us know which animations and on which browsers/devices you see a performance difference. Thanks!

These banners are very simple, but is a beginning. See for yourself the

for inspiration here’s a thread for you.

Most of these were made with GSAP and others.

I looked at the design and don’t see what or why this would need GSAP and Hype. With Hype you can at least focus on design (positioning, layering) and timing (complex interactions and sequence layering) more and quicker… my opinion.

Live text (web fonts) scaling is on some browsers still far from smooth,
it looks sometimes more like ride on a bumpy road. Checking / unchecking WebKit graphics acceleration or CSS left/top didn’t help.
Converting text to bitmap or vector format is a popular feature request for Hype.

It would eliminate the round-trip to a 3rd party vector editing software.
When converted to image, ‘text’ scales smoothly on all browsers.

Apropos vector line draw: GSAP lets you animate the line draw from any arbitrary point in any direction.
Stagger parameter in GSAP is really powerful and has unparalleled ease of use / super quick tweaking. Would love to have this natively in Hype.

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