Greensock and hype

I want to embed a hype animation {OAM} to wordpress. I use also greensock/
When I use the hype plugin for wordpress it doesn't work at all. Is it not posible to export a hype animation with greensock.
Thanks Peter

If you are pulling in Greensocks through Head HTML…

Note that Head HTML isn't transferred to WordPress when using the OAM and short code.
Hence, whatever you are doing in Head HTML needs to be added to WordPress with something like this: Head & Footer Code – WordPress-Plugin | Deutsch

Or you could do it via an extra empty scene using this technique:

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You should be able to use anything that was added to the Head HTML if you change the container type option from <div> to <iframe> in the Hype Animations sidebar item. Please see:

If for some reason you do need or want the animation to be embedded as a <div> then you'd need to follow @MaxZieb's advice.

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