Graphics / Display issue

(Rainer Holtappels) #1


we have a problem with an animation of coloured “Image-Cards”, which turn around on click to display a word (text). It’s for learning languages.
Everything works fine, but we have unexplainable lines in the images, before the animation starts. It depends on scaling, if you can see them. A fine, white line in the middle, like dividing the image, over the whole page. Small black “rests of lines” in the middle, too. Can’t explain it better…maybe anyone here has had similar “effects”…?
We have tries so much now with fading in & out, setting visible/invisible keyframes and so on. Nothing worked. It appears in every Browser and in most mobile devices, depending on resolution/screens…

Any idea? It’s really urgent…

Thank you very much!


Can you try unchecking ‘Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration’ in the Document Inspector and re-exporting?

Can you share a simplified demo of this in action?

(Rainer Holtappels) #3

Hi, thank you, Daniel. Unchecking this didn’t change anything…here’s a test-file. Choose “Farben” from the menue after startscreen. Then you’ll see (in preview/browser) what I mean.

Rainer (1.9 MB)

(Ken Heins) #4

Preview crashes Hype multiple times for me.

(Ken Heins) #5

export opened and previewed. I do see some white lines that look like1 pt borders on SVG graphics.

(Rainer Holtappels) #6

Hi, yes, it looks like but they aren’t there. The images are ok - no borders. Hmm…

(Rick) #7

If you replace “leer.jpg” on the ‘hellblau’ scene with a transparent .png the line will be gone.46

(Rainer Holtappels) #8

Hi Rick, thanks a lot - this changes something, but doesn’t solve it. We have the line on the other card now - in blue - when you click to the blue image and the card turns around…phew. Plus, although the white line is really gone, the tiny black lines in the middle of the blue image still show up, when you zoom in. I tried to replace the leer.jpg with a transparent png, too, but no effect.

(Loves Hype) #9

I like your project! The issue is that you have the “back” layers visible and that is the line. Just make it invisible (“Sichtbarkeit”) and then record it to be visible when the back face is about to appear (turning animation). That should fix it.

Hope this helps.

(Loves Hype) #10

BTW I don’t know how fluent you are in JS but you could make this a reusable scene and use JS to change the image, sound and wording so you don’t have to create a scene for every example in this color game.

(Rainer Holtappels) #11

Hi, yes, this would have been perfect. Unfortunately, we have got it from our client as it is and there’s no budget for reprogramming…;.-) The solution, we found now is, the client’s designer has tu duplicate each scene and divide the animation from the still, so we jump to the animation scene. This works without splattering fragments;-)

(Loves Hype) #12

Okay. That will be much work if you need to change something and I wasn’t asking for a budget just for knowledge :slight_smile: . Was a hint but either way… Finally the end user won’t know the difference. Nice project. Best regards