Gradient mask reveal of image, on top of bg image

I've read a bunch of posts regarding masking and there's some great ones. I didn't see any that tried to accomplish this same idea, other than some 5+ yo posts.

Is the only way to accomplish this gradient reveal of text (which is actually an image) on top of a non-solid colored background still to manually code with CSS inside Hype?

you could use a second instance of the image. put it above the text and animate/mask this ...

Do you mean using an svg mask on the topmost photographic layer vs an svg mask on the text (which is an image) layer? (2.9 MB)
a basic css-property might solve it?


That is so cool! :+1:

Oh hey this is rad! :astonished: In my particular case, there is no motion of elements, only the reveal of the type. So I moved a few things around in your sample file and voila! (2.9 MB)

Very smart, @h_classen :nerd_face:


for opposite animations aiming a stable state ... my guess is, that linear easing is the best option