Gradient colour stops and animation for them


Coming from Edge Animate, it had a great Gradient tool. We were able to set the colour-stops for a Gradient, save Gradients (both linear and radial) to “swatches” for easy re-use and finally (and most importantly) we were able to make intricate Gradient animations by changing the colour-stop location from one keyframe to another.

Is it possible to do this? If not, could we please get this ability???

There are two main animation features that I miss a lot from Edge Animate: 1) Gradient colour-stop definition/animation and 2) clip animations (though they were buggy).

I know we can possibly get around clip animation by creating a Group (

), setting it’s overflow property to 0 and then trying to manipulate a “reveal” animation that way… it’s an okay interim measure but… I don’t see any way to animate Gradients anywhere at all. :cry:

Hope to see something like this in Hype soon!!!

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Thanks for the requests! We don’t make promises on features/timeframes, but I will say both are priorities.

Very exciting to hear that you’re looking into this and that they’re priorities. Thanks for getting in touch to let me know!!! :grinning:

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