Google playable ads ExitApi when end card

I run a playable ads on H5 validator and want to have a clickable CTA when I finish playing. But I get the Custom Exit Not Allowed check error. Of course, I can remove the link to google exitapi in the html file, and then it shows this message :

"Your click was successful and should track correctly
Warning: This creation is not using the ExitApi. The Google-hosted ExitApi is required to make a select area of ​​the creative clickable. Without the ExitApi, a click on any portion of the creative will click through to the landing page set in AdWords. If this is intended, please note your click was successful and should track correctly."

That means I can't play my game, any click will open the link to the store. Anyone have any solution?

I can't say authoritatively since google would know best and others working on ads would know better....

But it looks like it might be a "bug" to even give the error message that other exits are allowed. I think the initial error "Custom Exit Not Allowed" is correct, given this thread:

That said, if I use the "Google Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager)" export script (from here) and use the DCM validator here, it seems to track the click correctly. So it may or may not work depending on the service...

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