Google Merchant / Shopping Dynamic remarketing advertisement with Hype?

Is it possible to create Google Merchant / Shopping Dynamic re marketing advertisements with Hype?

(if you end up trying before there’s a reply, please do post any knowledge you have obtained because I think it would be useful! thanks!)

Will do :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s. I never receive any notifications of replies even though this is set and under the thread it says I will receive notifications because I created the topic, am I alone with that?

Were you seeing the blue number near your profile picture in the upper right hand corner?


You should get notifications there if you are active on the site. But if (for some unforeseen reason) you don’t login to these forums every day, you will get the notification as an email. Or at least that’s how it should work…

Sorry 'bout that, feel stupid, the notifications did end up in my spambox but I totally overlooked that.