Google fonts, Dropbox and yosemite browsers - a known issue?

When including google fonts and exporting to dropbox, it seems that they only randomly appear (in both recent versions of Safari and Chrome). We are using 10.10.4 and are in a uni environment, so there could also be an issue with our university internet caching causing the problem.

I know you need to untick ‘create offline application cache’ to get google fonts to appear on IOS devices without a network, but our uni macs are ALWAYS online. Is there a known issue with 10.10.4, or is it our lab mac’s browser caching? Ta -

That’s strange – what is the error you see in the developer console? You can enable the console by selecting Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Show Developer Menu. Next, type ⌘ + option + i, and click console.

Here’s my test, which works well for me in Safari 9:

It would also be helpful to get a link to your document – there might be something else going on.