Google Font not working on Android

(Chris Kelly) #1

Hi there, I’m playing with the BootSale demo ad in the gallery and while the ad looks great on Chrome, FireFox and iOS, the Avenir fonts don’t seem to display on my Android phone. Everything else including the animation is perfect. Does anyone have any idea on how to get this working?


You might want to include the actual font file in the font definition. Please see this stack overflow thread:

(Chris Kelly) #3

So Hype 3 Pro doesn’t include the font definition into its output? Is there any way to tell it to do that? If not, I can include the font manually, but that seems like it’d be an odd thing to leave out.

(Chris Kelly) #4

You know what, I was confused. I thought Avenir was a Google Font and figured it’d include the definition automatically. I realized it isn’t and built a custom webfont loaded it through Hype and everything is fine now. :smile: