Google Font not displaying in iBooks author


I have created a text animation in Hype Pro using a Google font called Wellfleet. When I export it for ibooks author and then preview the animation on iPad it doesn’t show the Wellfleet font, instead replacing it with Times New Roman. What am I doing wrong?

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you should embed the font on the Project.
The First option in Hype panel allow you to load Fonts via Google but only online.

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If you are opening the Widget while connected to the Internet, it should work. @michelangelo’s suggestion will ensure that fonts will always appear regardless of the iPad’s connection state. This will also speed up loading for your Widget.

You can download that font here:

This section of our docs has info on adding fonts:


Thanks. This was occurring because I set the widget to play automatically which has the knock on effect of not allowing internet access. Appreciate your help. Jim