Google Double-click Bid Manager

Is there anyone here who has successfully created banners for DBM with Hype? I don’t really understand their click tag and you’ll need to ad a line of code in the body of the HTML document too. I don’t believe this is possible without another editor right? Just wondering what the best process is for this.

Hi Marc,
Chase Media is a Google Partner Comapny and if you want to get some help you can go through this link and get all the necessary info.

Hey dude.

I work with those on a daily basis. You do have to use a text editor, but it’s basically nothing.


<meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=600">

To the head of your HTML (with the correct size of your banner)

Use <a href=""> to create the click area (your banner’s DIV goes here) and close </a>

And then, just add this line

    var clickTag = "";
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