Google DFP & Images

I am running into an issue when attempting to run my Hype3 banners on DFP. I discovered this tool:, but have had issues with it accepting my exports.

One of the main issues (even outside of this tool) I am having is for DFP to find my image assets. I am not sure how Hype3 finds the images by using the sub-folder ‘Default.hyperesources’. With DFP I can upload my assets, but other than the JS, I am not sure how to replace the image URLs with the ones of their CDN.

Thanks for the help.

Are you hoping to host your images via DFP or via a CDN?

DFP (as far as I know) doesn’t need to know much about the images, or Hype’s link to them. When you load a Hype document, images are dynamically pulled from the resources folder. This is a relative link, so as long as the default.html file is uploaded into a folder which also contains a Default.hyperesourecs folder, images will be loaded automatically. It is my understanding that uploading a zip file package containing an export from Hype will keep this link intact.

Thanks for the reply,

I am hoping to host the images with DFP.

I think the issue is when the URLs need to be replaced for the assets in the ad. For instance I need to be able to load this URL as one of my images that animates:

Which as you can see is not inside of a folder that I can point the standard JS to.

Images will be hosted with DFP after uploading your complete package (a zip file) to DFP. I don’t think you will need to any special adjustment to image URLs after uploading your zip file, since the relative reference to image assets will be retained.

Maybe I am missing something? This is the process I am taking:

  1. File > Advanced Export
  • Create Enclosing Folder
  • Inline Data + Loader
  • Save as HTML File
  • Zip Up Folder Created
  • Upload to this tool
  • From here it says no assets will be uploaded but it detects the main HTML file.

If I put the assets in the root of the folder and and then zip it, then it detects the assets and uploads them. But then the ad does not seem to work when previewing the AD in DFP since I imagine it is looking in the wrong place for the assets.

I must be going about this in the wrong manner since others seem to be using Hype3 with DFP with at some success.

Can you try zipping up just the .html file and the resources folder? (Not the top level folder).

Please also note the you will need to turn off ‘automatically optimize when exporting’ for your images because DFP does not accept file names containing the @ symbol.

I’ve done both of these ways and still no success. If I zip up the top level folder then then it states that the file is invalid. ‘automatically optimize when exporting’ has been turned off.

The only way I have had any form of success with uploading an advert is by moving the assets out of the subfolder and zipping all the assets and .html file at the top level, but then the ad does not run inside the browser since the links are broken.

I think we’re doing the same thing. Here’s my flow:

I made a creative based on the size of my document:

I exported using the inlining, and created a document. I then created a zip file of the html file and resources folder

I dragged that into the upload area:

To test, I clicked ‘Default.html’ and it successfully loaded the images:

Here’s my working file, zip file, and document which contains the enabler and clicktag in place: (2.8 MB)

Are you able to share your .hype and uploaded .zip file so I can test? (You can send me a private message by clicking on my picture).

Hi there - I’m also having problems getting my creatives to work in DoubleClick for Publishers. I’m trying to load a leaderboard ad 728 x 90px. I’ve followed the above steps carefully.

When I upload the zip file to DFP it lists the assets but shows an error message on the hype js file. Missing Macros.

Then when I save the creative another error message says the the creative is the wrong size.

The creative wont save after this. I’ve also tried loading Daniel’s example file. Same results.

I’ve also tried using the HTML5 to DFP bundle tool.

File uploads with no errors but is blank on preview.

Pulling my hair out.

Thanks in advance.

It appears that the interface for DFP has changed a bit. Please watch this video for a walkthrough of how I got it working:

@Daniel, is the enabler.js needed for tracking macros nowadays?

I recommend including it, but my understanding is that the enabler is automatically added to the <head> if it is not included.

I dont have it in and the guys over sonicscoop can’t see any metrics. Is it alright if I send you the html doc for you to take a look at?

It looks like you should have it enabled. Check out some of the downloadable examples here: