Google Crawling Issues Relating to Site Map


I have been making entire websites within Hype recently; each page is a different Hype document that I export and upload to a domain through FTP. After I finish and upload a website, I create an XML sitemap through, upload it to the domain, then index it through Google Webmaster tools for SEO purposes.

Since I started creating full websites within Hype, the only page that is picked up on the site map generator is “index.html”, all the other pages are not found. I am wondering why that is… Is there something I need to put in the Head or Body of index.html so that the site map generator/Google can find those other pages? Here’s an example of one of the sites:



Hi Jon

I’m no expert in this :smile:

Does your sitemap look something like this?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<!--  Generated by  -->

Do you have more than one <url></url> section for the different pages?

Did you write the text content or did Hype generate it for you?

My first instinct is to tell you to include hyperlinks for your menu in the

<!-- text content for search engines -->

area. This way if google crawls the site then it “should” be able to follow those links to your other pages. As well as submitting the sitemap with the appropriate url sections for the same pages I would think that this would help tremendously. However per the disclaimer I ain’t no expert and could well be wrong.

Does that make sense?

Yes, my sitemap is formatted that way. I would like to try the method of placing hyperlinks under “text content for search engines” area in the Head HTML, but what would that look like exactly? Let’s say there are 3 pages: index.html, services.html, and contact.html.

<div><a href="/index.html">Home</a></div> <!-- relative URL -->
<div><a href="">Services</a></div> <!-- absolute URL -->
<div><a href="/folder/contact.html">Services</a></div> <!-- relative URL inside a folder -->

When you referenced the “text content for search engines” area, what did you mean? Where is that?

When you export a Hype document for Web as HTML5 you get a .index.html file.
In that file you have several snippets of code that you can copy and paste to your own web pages (The file also acts as a web page which you can use)
Those snippets have comments that refer to where you should put them.
One set of comments mentions the text content for search engines.

This is where you should put the hyperlinks.

For example I can see in the source code for your URL you provided above you have this aforementioned commented area. Here is where you should add the hyperlinks (wrapped around the text you already have in place)

Here is a screenshot looking through Safari’s web inspector at the source code:

FYI your document is throwing errors too. It cannot find the jQuery referenced resources. You must still have a link to them in your Head area but haven’t got them in the resources folder.

Is there any way to place that in there before exporting? I edit sites often and would have to paste that in every time I make a change in Hype

I don’t believe there is a way to do that before exporting sorry.

Maybe that could be a feature request? A way to add to or edit the text content that is exported.

Hi, just found this thread, any news on this? We have the same problem. I have written the XML with all the second level pages myself because just as in your case it contained one line. We will try adding the Links to the search engine friendly text area … it will be interesting to see if that works.