Google chrome does not support MASK?

(Alex) #1


A animation works well with Mac Safari, In this animation, there are Grouped SVG image as an MASK with Hidden setting in Content overflow option.

but when I open it with Google Chrome, the hidden background images will show up.

What I am want to confirm is whether Google Chrome does not support SVG MASK? Any suggestion on this situation?



(Rick) #2

If you had used the search function, top right (magnifying glass) and had typed in “svg mask” you would had seen many topics on this. :relaxed: Think these 2 answer your question best:

(Alex) #3

it is pity if the above quote is right answer…


(Alex) #4


I think I got the right way to do it:

Use Html widget of Hype for the SVG mask image, and then fill the same color of SVG image to the background of SVG mask image.

By this way, the SVG mask will support all browser.


(Alex) #5

I found even more easy way to do that: