Google Adwords banner with video or sound?

I Have succesfully used Hype 3 making ad banner for Google Adwords platform. Yet how about using video and sound?

I cannot find any description of this matter (html5 and sound) on the Google helppages.

As far as I read one can only upload the following files: CSS, JS, HTML, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and SVG – thus no local audio/videofiles is alllowed. This would also exceed the filesize limit. This also goes for external links to media files as well.

Can any user of Hype confirm this observation?

Kind regards, Raaskot

The only ads on Google’s network as far as I know which support audio are the ‘In Stream’ ads: These appear on Youtube itself.

Since I have never seen an Adwords ad with any sort of audio, my guess is that Google will reject an ad containing audio. I have seen simulated video (in the form of animation), but it is typically very limited motion due to the bandwidth constraints on the service.

Maybe someone else has tried?

Thanks :smile:
Kind regards, Raaskot

PS – as Daniel write; I someone have any experiences I would be very thanksful to know like to know. – R


Can you please describe steps to publish banners to Adwords platform?
I’ve tried but no success. Also very few info here or in google search.
I have removed unnecessary files: plist, blank.gif, as well as query after hype_generated_script.js.
Not sure what should I put in head html for Adwords. Can you help please?


The thing to keep in mind with AdWords display ads is that there is a serious file size limitation. For example, a 200 x 200 ad has a limitation of around 150 K. They don’t support streaming from a third party site, so the limit is what it is.

For example, if you have a 200 x 200 animation with two photos, a play button (to prevent non-stop cycling, which people find to be very annoying), a web link and three or four bits of text that animate on and off, you’ve already got yourself a 300K file. Close to half that file size is in JavaScript.

About audio in an ad - even it the audio does fit (and you are talking about not one but three audio files for browser compatibility) )people tend to really, really hate having audio in an ad unless they initiate the audio by clicking on a play button or something.

My advice for AdWords display ads: (1) Keep it simple and attention-getting. (2) Mind your file sizes. (3) Remember that the ad is meant to generate a click, not deliver a pitch.

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it is not possible to have sound in any Google Adwords ads