Google Ads - New Year surprise

Marry New Year :slight_smile:
Looks like belowed google changed something in their policy for animated ads. They are all rejected with uninformative (as usual) message “size of template has been withdrawn”. Anyone have success story to share? BTW - you now have to spend more than 9k USD in order to get automated html5 support? Otherwise only AMP. Love it!!!

Sorry you’re hitting this! I haven’t heard any reports of this specific error. Are you using the Adwords export script?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I’ve downloaded adWords script. Tumult Team helped me before tweaking the script (removing random numbers etc) and it worked great. My programmer managed to do some tweaking as well. Media house I’m working with tries to get some feedback form Google support. As soon as I know anything I’ll share the news. Now trying to redo sample ad in GWD which leads to a lot of cursing after soothing experience of using Hype :frowning:

Those Trouble Makers GoogleAds

What steps are you using to test?

When I run a basic ad through the validator it comes back all green. Feel free to post your ad and the steps that you use… also if google support says anything. Thanks!

Yes, validator turns out green, but once uploading to campaign it is rejected. Turns out that googlewebdesigner file with inline js works ok. Is there a way to make export script with inline js code?

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Yes, you can manually do this. @Daniel posted some instructions here:

If you're using the AdWords export script, it would basically be:

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Open index.html in a text editor
  3. In the line that looks like this:
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="./HYPE-596.full.js"></script>
    Remove the src="./HYPE-596.full.js" attribute
  4. Within that script tag, paste the full contents of the HYPE-596.full.js file.
  5. Delete the HYPE-596.full.js
  6. Re-zip the ad folder.