Google Ad-Export - Only export used assets

Hi all,

I am new to Hype and I am working on a first banner set for Google Ads. I made a mistake to create 4 different banners in one Hype file, which works but clouds the ressources. On export, ever scene I export includes all the assets, even those used in other scene and not relevant to the specificly exported ad/scene.

Is there a way to strip every asset that is not needed on export or do I have to peck them out individually?

Thank you

The ‘File > Advanced Export’ feature allows exporting on a per-scene basis. The sidebar is pre-populated with export slices for each scene; by default they only include resources that are used in that scene. You will need to check the slices to export them (and likely uncheck the default one).

If you are using an Export Script, you can select the slices and set that up too.

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@jonathan: That works perfect. Thank you. I’ve oversee that an Export Option for AdWords is available here too. Thank you!

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