Good news for Tumult Hype? Chrome and Firefox ends support for Adobe flash

(james koh) #1


Is it good news for Hype? I think so, but it depends if Tumult can capitalize on it.

Example… a paid keyword search campaign. If someone on a Mac searches for something like “how to convert flash to html5” then the Hype web page (or web guide) should show up.

A Flash-to-Hype converter would be even better.

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #3

Caught that one myself. I don’t want to come off too much as gloating, but I’ve never quite felt it was a wise choice for Macromedia to pose Flash as they did, more than a decade ago; it was far inferior to their previous flagship engine, Director, in pretty much every meaningful way. Seeing it get another take through its heart is … belated, but still, I’m liking the trend.

What this really is, is good news for hundreds of millions of users.

I like the idea of a keyword search, but I rather suspect Adobe is already pushing Edge as hard as they can as the native Flash-to-HTML5 conversion engine.


I don’t see much happening on the Edge Animate front lately. Where is the commitment from Adobe? Are they cooking something new? Anyways, the slow progress pushed me into the wonderfull world of Hype!

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Adobe think what?

in Edge the development is quite slow, although the Edge community is good.
Moreover Hype is now surpassing Edge for add-ons thanks to the forum.


I think this is a great read for some perspective of what Flash once was:

Whilst it got bad press sometimes as the application that created the millions of banners we suffer daily, and it’s excessive loading times, I believe Flash was the birthplace of creative technology. At a recent event with creatives and technologists a presenter asked the audience to put up their hand if they were an ex Flash developer. Well over half the room had it’s hand in the air.

Without Flash I would never have taken the journey I have of connecting creativity and technology and had the great fortune of making a career out of something that I love.

We’re doing our best to make sure Flash developers are welcome on our platform:

Any help to get the word out would be much appreciated!

Thanks to @Luckyde & @nick.