'go to url' not working until 'use touch events' toggled

Odd bug on Hype Pro 3.5.1 (526).

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Add some text or a shape to the scene.
  3. Choose ‘actions’ and ‘On Mouse Click’ choose ‘Go To URL’ and add a URL.
  4. Preview.
    The element does NOT link to the URL!

It seems that the way to get it to work is to toggle ‘use touch events’ off and on again on the Document inspector!

Have tested this on different projects and following Hype restart and the behaviour is always like this for me.

Very confusing bug - only found the fix by fiddling for quite some time.

works for me!! Step 3 are you pressing enter after adding the URL? or changing focus to something else?


Works for me too. Are you entering a complete URL such as http://google.com as opposed to google.com? google.com fails for me

Good call. I have fallen for that one in the past before I realised what was going on.

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‘Press enter’ … (D’oh!)

Changing focus by clicking away and back works too. I suppose I was previewing whilst Hype thought data was still being entered before.

Sorry folks!

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There may be a problem, when you have changes the URL later in the window.
Give it complete an ones.
That may work.
That was the trouble I had with it.
But I understood it works now …even better.