Go to time in timeline problem

(Bob) #1

Hi I am very new to this programme (yesterday) which is great by the way.

I have a timeline with an action which halts at a certain time - 4 seconds
I have two buttons on stage
1 will continue playing the timeline which goes to a video clip.
the other button will go to 45 seconds on the time and should play another video clip

Problem is it will go to the timeline at 45 seconds and stop.

I put another action on timeline at 45sec saying continue playing timeline it does but both videos will play even though the first video clip is not on the timeline

Can you shed any light on what I’ve done wrong



(Trey Yancy) #2

Go to time in timeline
Continue timeline


Hi Bob!

It would be good to see your project. You can use short video clip placeholders if the video clips are too long or confidential.

The general idea would be when You click one button it tells the "other"video to stop playing. I believe You will need to use some basic JavaScript to accomplish this task - so seeing your project would be useful in order to create an accurate solution in the shortest amount of time.

(Bob) #4

Hi Jim
Thanks for your reply but I’ve had a play around and got the project to work…but when uploaded and as I am using video MP4s I am finding that the video takes a while to load/buffer and of course the timeline is moving on and the closing actions I have, happen before the video has finished.
Is there a way of pausing the timeline whilst the video plays and resume when it finishes




Hi Bob!

Sorry for the delayed response but I have been offline the past nine days.

The code in the following post might be useful - though You will no doubt need to adapt it. Without a specific example of your project I can only offer a general suggestion.

The basic idea is to create an “event listener” that syncs the play~pause of your video with play~pause of the timeline(s).

(Bob) #6

Perfect, thanks very much