Go To Time in Timeline Buttons Problem


I’ve made a timeline about 27 seconds and I also made an navigaiton menu with buttons. Each button has an action to go to a specific time in timeline. When I navigate forward throw the timeline with the buttons everything is ok. But when I want to click on a button to go for example to the previous time in timeline it doesn’t show any of the graphics or it shows some of them.
Also I have embed the code to make the timeline work with scroll and its working perfectly. The navigation is the problem.
You can see it by yourself by navigating from the navigation menu. See the difference in graphics bettween scrolling and navigating with buttons. Some graphics dissappear when you turn back on About or on Team.
Link to the site
Please help me.

(Mark Hunte) #2

Very nice.

But It maybe hard for us to figure out whats going on without seeing the project. Can you post it…?


Here’s a link to download the zip file.

(Mark Hunte) #4

Soo… much going on in there :grin:

You initial problem looks like it stems from the main timeline being relative.
Uncheck it from being relative and it appears to work ok.

A second thing I notice is you have some key down event action to continue the timeline. Not sure why but they get called when I hold down or release the command key for example.

Also you have a load of actions on the buttons to run your javascript. But you have the same actions called again on the timeline actions hit. for example the team button.

There maybe a good reason for this but I would have thought you only need them on the timeline action so the scroll will still trigger them but so will the buttons…