Go to the next scene with the setTimeout() method

(Dimitris Gkikas) #1

Hello. I am trying to set a timer in order to go to the next scene after 5 sec. Is there a way to do this? In my document I created two scenes and with setTimeout() method I am trying to go from the first scene to the next one but without success.

Here is my code:

}, 500);

Not sure if is the correct one though. Any help would be great!

Thanks so much guys.


Hey Dimitris @Dimgk

One option to do this:

Add a new JavaScript function via Resources59

Then trigger it from your timeline on the 5 sec mark

(Loves Hype) #3

Is the action somehow triggered? Otherwise why not just use a regular next scene action placed on the main time line on second 5? In that case no need for a JS function…

(Mark Hunte) #4

The likely reason your code is not working is because you have a syntax mistake.

You have


it should be


(Dimitris Gkikas) #5

Thank you so much Ed, Max and Mark! I placed the next scene action on the main time line and it worked, I dont know why I didnt think of this before…

Thank you guys :slight_smile: