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I try to go back to previous page(scene) with javascript !

It saves current Scene name in lastScene Array when the Scene loaded.

Push the next button move the Scene and push new items in the Array

Push the previous button It remove the last item in the array and move the scene to the lastest one

It works until moving 3rd page

After 3rd page it doesn't move to 2rd page and stay 3rd!

how can I fix this problem
page demo.hype.zip (72.9 KB)

what should previous mean exactly?

current scene = 6 -> next -> current scene = 7 -> previous -> current scene = 6 -> previous -> current scene = 7 ... ?

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The previous means

current scene =1 -> next -> current scene = 2 -> next -> current scene 3 -> previous -> current scene = 2 -> previous -> current scene = 1

that's already built in behaviour :slight_smile:

got-to-scene-action -> choose next scene or previous scene

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I decided to try swiping up - it didn't work

??? Wrong Thread?

I fixed the problem!! I think the problem was my poor English and lack of development knowledge....

In this question, I want to make things like breadcrumb(saving all trace user has visited)

anyway I fixed my js code and it works

click next button scene move to next page and push the current scene name to lastScene Array on the other hand click previous button the scene moves to the end of object('scene name') in the lastScene array and then remove last item of array.

page demo ver2.zip (78.5 KB)