Global find and replace

Hey Folks,

I have a brand name (e.g. ABC) that keeps repeating in all the text in my file on multiple pages. Is there any way I can do a global find and replace so I can easily change that name (eg. from ABC to XYZ) across all text instances rather than having to find each one and do it individually?


There isn't currently a way to do this in Hype, but here's how you can do it to your Hype document:

  1. Make a backup of your Hype document
  2. Make sure your Hype document is closed, and control click on your Hype file, and select Show Package Contents
  3. Drag the Data.plist file into Xcode
  4. Press option + command + f
  5. This will open the find / replace option and you can run your replace here.
  6. Click 'All' on the right side.
  7. Save and then reopen your Hype document.

Thanks for the quick response! Super helpful!

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