Glitch between two animations

Hello guys,

After 2h of failing, I need to ask for advice.
In my example I have three boxes (RB, K, C). When I mouseover one of them, all images should get a thin outline, but the one that has the cursor on it gets a thicker outline.

What drives me nuts is the moment where I move the cursor from one box to another. There is a little glitch of a millisecond.

When I move my cursor from one box to another, the display-value from the first timeline goes from “display” to „hidden“ and the second timeline from “hidden” to display.

Is there any trick to fix that? (170.5 KB)

Instead of starting the timeline, which will take one frame (or 1/30) of a second to get to the desired point, use a go to time in timeline action for the ‘RB-Monogram’ element’s actions, and you’ll get the desired result.

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Thank you! This is a boring thread for advanced users, but as a beginner this is a very helpful post.

Actually I think it was a tough question! :wink: