Git/ VCS with hype files

Hey all,
My colleague who loves using hype and me who is working with the backend are using git for our vcs and so far it mostly works quite well. But one of the issues we have is that certain hype files (esp. the plist files) do not really like to be version controlled. For now we have have come up with some rules to avoid conflicts and such, one is that we exclude the hyperesources folder. The downside with this is that this needs to be generated once checked out. This requires hype.
So, we were wondering what strategies people are using for this ? ( Cause I sincerly hope you are using SOME kind of vcs…)

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Both .plists (within the .hype file and when exporting) will likely change a great deal between revisions-- they are instructions for every element and animation in a standard Mac-friendly properties list format.

What errors do you see when adding the plist to GIT?

We have a feature request thread on automating exports here: Hype Scriptability with (Script Editor) - Applescript/Javascript-for-automation.

Sorry for the long delay.
The issue is we would like to be able to work on the same hype file independently and then merge together changes.
So if I add some new ids and my colleagues add new scenes or such and we make our commits and then it should be able to merge it so the file is up to date.


I second this feature, I think Hype is a great tool that would be even better with version control

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